Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Down Main St. to the Mississippi, Louisiana, MO from the 2nd annual Louisiana Plein Air Event oil 11x14 - SOLD

"Blyre" oil 11x14 - available contact artist

"Before All Hell Broke Loose" from the International Pavilion overlooking Forest Park on the morning of Nov. 17 before the storm hit.  oil 12x24 - available contact artist

"Autumn at the Old Stable Bridge" oil 11x14 -SOLD

Friday, October 18, 2013

"Rear Stoop Behind Main & Washington" oil 11x14 1st place winner, oils, from the 2013 Ste. Gen., MO Plein Air Event

"Statue In Mark's Garden" oil 12x9 from the 2013 Ste. Gen., MO Plein air Event

"Old Bank, Ste. Genevieve, MO" oil 9x12 from the 2013 Ste. Gen., MO Plein Air Event

"Statue from Mark's Garden Ste. Genevieve, MO" from the 2013 Ste. Gen., MO Plein Air Event

Photo of the Historic Shaw house down Merchant's Ste. Genevieve, MO

"Shaw House on Merchant St., Ste. Genevieve, MO" 11x14 from the 2013 Ste. Gen, MO Plein Air Event.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Detail of a work in progress: "Cabbage & Sweet Peppers"
Oil 24x16
Getting ready for my solo show at Longview Farm House, Town & Country, MO opening Nov. 8, 6-8PM

"Sun Flowers Fading" Oil 9x12 a plein air painting

"Sun Flowers Fading" a plein air drawing pencil on paper

"Down Main From the Corner of Virginia St to the River" Louisiana, MO Plein Air Event Sept. 21, 2013, oil 12x16 available contact artist

Rough in.  Establishing light and dark values and composition

Cleaning up drawing and shapes.  Adding mid-ranges.

Adding highlights to help define shapes & adding final details.

Blocking in shapes and colors

Adding mid-ranges and more drawing

Adding mid-ranges and more drawing

Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Sun Flowers from the Front Yard"

Oil 10x8   a plein air painting

 Available contact Artist: or 314-965-2771

"Sun Flowers on the Rear Deck"  a plein air still Life, oil 16x12

"Sun Flowers in the Front Yard"  a plein air painting oil 20x16

Available contact Artist: or 314-965-2771

"Blyre"  live model study, oil 16x10 - Private Collection

"Blyre"  live model study, oil 14x11

 Available contact Artist: or 314-965-2771

"The Oxen Handler" oil 12x16 a plein air painting from the "First Brush of Spring, Plein Air Event, New Harmony, IN

"Fading Garden" oi 12x16 a plein air painting, 1st place Cape Giradeau Plein Air Event

"Pampas Grass on the Lagoon, Forest Park" a plein air painting oil 12x16

"Auderey" 20 min oil study, oil 14x11

"Civil War Band" from New Harmony, IN First Brush of Spring Plein Air Painting Event
 Apr 2013 NLA

"Pink Rocks, Castor Shut-Ins, MO, oil 12x16

"Jacks Fork near Alley Springs, MO oil 11x12

Stephanie with Head Scarf, oil 14x11

"Mossy Pond Below the Cliffs at Klondike Park"
                 Honorable Mention, Augusta, MO 12th Annual Plein Air Event
                 Oil 12x9
                 Available at the Augusta Wood Gallery, Augusta, MO

Thanks to Jeremy Lipking - used his limited palette recomendation from this morning. Someone finally turned on the lights in the bedroom closet! Cad Red, YLW & Viridian. Amazing the range. Didn't explore that much today. Hope to take them all out for another test drive tomorrow.
Peonies 9x12 oil

Hibiscus & Adirondack Chairs at the Adobe Coffee House
oil 11x14
Won both the Mayor Choice & Artists choice awards yesterday at Paint Webster Plein Air Event, Webster Groves, MO

"Looking Down the Street to the Linderhoff B&B"
oil 12x9
Available at the Augusta Wood Gallery, Augusta, MO

Photo of objective

Day one diving in.

Cutting in detail.  Finding values.

End day one losing light.

Day 2

Day 2

Day three cleaning up drawing.